What to wear for your engagement session!

Inspiration for what to wear to your photo shoot.

Ultimately, you should wear what you feel most confident and comfortable in. Above all else, you should feel like your outfits are completely “you” and reflect your personality and style.

The information that follows isn’t to force you to wear something you normally wouldn’t, it’s to guide you in the right direction to select the best options out of what you already own! 






From experience, we’ve found that neutrals and earthy tones photograph best. This doesn’t mean you can’t wear colors- there are neutrals for every color! Instead of green, go for a soft forest green. Instead of bright orange, go with a burnt orange. Instead of yellow, go for a mustard yellow. Just make sure they are soft tones that compliment the location. Also, white dresses aren’t just for weddings! An off white, loose romper or dress photographs so well and is easy to pair with whatever your partner is wearing.

Since we are shooting outdoors in nature 99% of the time, bright fluorescent colors end up becoming more of a distraction which is why we recommend to stay away from them. In addition to this, bright colors can reflect onto your face creating an unflattering skin tone.



Patterns can really be hit or miss, which is why we generally recommend avoiding them. Many times while shooting outdoors in nature, patterns can make the images too busy and distracting. However, they can be done right! If your favorite outfit that you are so excited to wear has a pattern, don’t let this stop you from wearing it.

Soft, subtle patterns are fine. Flannels are generally fine as well, as long as they are neutral in color. If you wear a pattern, make sure that it’s only ONE pattern between both of your outfits, please avoid both wearing a pattern as it will likely clash. Avoid at all costs: Stripes that are close together, as they create a moiré effect in camera. Big chunky patterns, as they are very distracting. Logos and graphics are also distracting and not recommended.



Movement is a key component to a good image. Outfit wise, anything that can show movement or catch wind is a huuuge yes!! Think flowing dresses, skirts, etc.

You’ll be moving around quite a lot during the session, so please wear an outfit that allows for this- no super low cut shirts, short dresses, high heels, etc. Otherwise, it will restrict us from doing a variety of “poses”.

We don’t recommend high heels for this same reason, however you can bring them as a second option for static poses!


Accessories & Props

Hats, sunglasses, scarves, jewelry, etc. adds interest to the outfits and photos.

Consider incorporating props into your session such as your dog, a bouquet, champagne to pop (or beers to shotgun!), a blanket to sit on, a picnic, your favorite foods (pizza, donuts, etc.), even your car or motorcycle!

If you are still unsure or have questions- just reach out to us! Feel free to send photos of your outfits to us before hand as well if you’d like help deciding. We’re here to help with anything we can to make this  easy!