Little River Farms

bride and groom getting married at little river farms a georgia wedding venue


Little River Farms Georgia

The Location

14505 Batesville Rd, Alpharetta, GA 30004

Are you looking for a rustic, romantic, outdoor Georgia wedding venue? Then look no further than Little River Farms in Alpharetta. This charming family-owned farm is situated on 20 beautiful acres perfect for your dream wedding. Below are all the details on why you should consider a Little River Farms wedding!

The Venue


From first look portraits to the ceremony, a Little River Farms wedding will provide you with endless gorgeous photos. Some favorite photo spots include:

  • The gazebo overlooking the pond
  • In a sunny meadow filled with wildflowers
  • Along the lush wooded trails

You really can’t go wrong – everywhere you look is picturesque!

bride and groom kissing at little river farms a georgia wedding venue
bride with veil at little river farms a georgia wedding venue

Why choose Little River Farms? 


There are so many reasons Little River Farms is a fantastic place to get married!

An indoor/outdoor wedding venue

The venue offers both indoor and outdoor options, so you don’t have to worry about weather.

Immersed in nature

The venue is private and nestled in forests and next to a pond, for stunning scenery.

Convenient location

Being so close to the city means it’s easy for out of town guests to get to, and stay nearby.

Your photos will be stunning

There are so many beautiful locations around the venue for photos!

Little River Farms Wedding Cost


Wedding costs at Little River Farms are very reasonable, especially considering everything that’s included. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Venue Rental: Approximately $3,500 – $7,500 depending on date/time
  • Catering: Starting at $15/person, including dinner, appetizers, bar, cake, etc.
  • Accommodations: Bridal suite ($500) and 10-room inn ($2,500)
  • Rentals: Tables, chairs, linens, etc. arranged through venue

You’ll have to factor in other typical wedding costs like attire, flowers, photographer etc. But the venue cost itself is very affordable for all that’s provided.

Contact the venue directly for a customized quote based on your specific needs and preferences.

wedding reception at little river farms georgia

Ceremony Options

wedding ceremony at little river farms georgia


Little River Farms offers a stunning indoor ceremony location, which is in a white room flooded with natural light.

This is a good option for those who are getting married in the very hot or cold months, or those who don’t want to worry about weather.


One of the most popular options is the gazebo. This is an outdoor ceremony location located behind the venue.

This is the ceremony location that gets the best lighting, as the sun sets directly behind the gazebo creating a stunning golden light at sunset.

It is a little sloped, but you can’t tell much in close up photos.

outdoor wedding ceremony at little river farms georgia
outdoor wedding ceremony at little river farms georgia


Another option is to have the ceremony on the lawn, which is at the back of the venue opposite of the Gazebo.

The downside to this location is that the lighting is front-lit, meaning it will be directly on your faces instead of coming from behind you.

bride and groom in lush forest kissing

Little River Farms Reviews

As photographers, we love Little River Farms for it’s proximity to the city while feeling immersed in nature.

Little River Farms Wedding Photographers

Hire a photographer that is familiar with the venue to get the best wedding photos. We’ll create a custom timeline for you that ensures optimal lighting at the best locations throughout the day, and take photos at all the hidden gem spots!

View our wedding photography packages, then submit the contact form to get in touch and check if we have your date available.


Little River Farms Photos

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